This blog will be a compilation of intersecting scenarios of information that shows clearly the inner workings of our human culture of power and control. The War for Control of America. So many distractions with fake media and playing on peoples weakness making them blind to the actuality of reality.

The War 4 Control stems from the take over of California by Mexico via means of a #Purple Revolution with Soros and his thugery and being the puppet master of the elite. Part of this strategy is all the false flagged Domestic Terror within the country preparing for the revolt called #LaRaza where this is used as a means to activate the takeover of America.  #LaRaza is the Mexican Revolution to take back America. Aztlan…. From all the intel its being deeply planned and coordinated by #Soros and his hedge fund organizations in disguise as humanitaruan organizations.

This is the Deep State thru means of the factions in America that will try to influence people to believe untruth and influence our people to make the decisions they want Americans to make via Mass Fake News propaganda and forcing people to turn on each other. In the process of having the American people get so confused that they turn on each other to have the people start the new revolution in America which then triggers a mass invasion.

The #Purple Revolution is one of the greatest attacks on humanity that we have ever experienced. Research more on these colored revolutions and there influence on our humanity and the grand plan.    More details to come… pastes coming soon w intel.

for now heres some linx to look thru :

At the root:

Roots Run Deep


independent baptist: war in america

As we have previously reported about documented sexual child abuse in other religious organizations, such as the Roman Catholic Church, the Independent Baptists, and the Southern Baptists, these alleged crimes are not meant to be an indictment against all members of this religious group. Child sex abuse is found in all parts of the American culture, both religious and non-religious.