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The Latest_Dirt is a compilation of growing topics that are landing pages for gathering relative research / articles and combining viewpoints to bring a greater awareness of the programming and operations that are in place every single day all around us. The working mechanics of of our reality have a dark side that we must contend with. The construct…

This page will be a constant rotation of growing topics that get transformed into articles, videos, topics of discussion on saianarchy.com main news feeds and anonymous operations. The comments are open for your participation if you have anything important to contribute to the topics please feel free to add the data as a comment section at the bottom of each post here. #Anonymous Operations

#traffick jam
The dark underbelly of humanity in its epic attempt to control and farm humanity to continue to feed upon people
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#CalEXIT stage left
The California plan. more to come. stay tuned  
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War 4 Control
This blog will be a compilation of intersecting scenarios of information that shows clearly the inner workings of our human
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OpSaveTheWater: ” Otsuka Pharmaceuticals through it’s subsidiary Crystal Geyser Water Company, wants to make huge profits from the precious waters
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u R Kontrolld
MKULTRA / MONARCH Program showed the effectiveness of traumatizing children with terror and how this could lead to a desire
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  THIS IS THE LEVEL OF INFLUENCE WE ARE DEALING WITH! We ride on the back of the Winged Dragon,
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