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* 教程部分即将推出!

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在每个页面的顶部,你会发现该页面的音频版本,可以在网站上收听,以及下载以供将来使用或分发。 要下载音频文章,请点击订阅按钮。 不幸的是,插件不允许我们改变这个按钮的标签读取下载, 但这是所有的按钮完成. 除了每篇文章的音频版本之外,您还可以通过点击页面顶部的相应标志来翻译页面。

这个网站受到严格审查,并经常被国土安全部取下。 如果您退货时没有出现,请等待几天,然后重试。 它会永远回来,如果我们能帮助它。 请下载,打印,电子邮件,复制和保存任何你想要的东西。 真相必须揭露出来 随着时代的延续,他们只会审查越来越多。 获得真相的能力是暂时的。 谢谢你的光临

Thank you for coming! This is just a reminder:

At the top of every page you will find the audio version of the page, available to listen to on the site, as well as to download for future use or distribution. To download the audio article hit the Subscribe button. Unfortunately the plugin does not allow us to change the labeling of this button to read Download, but that is all the button accomplishes. In addition to the audio version of each article, you can translate the page by clicking on the appropriate flag at the top of the page.

This site is heavily censored and taken down by DHS often. If it is not up when you return, please wait a few days and try again. It WILL always come back, if we can help it. Please download, print, email, copy and save anything you wish. The truth must get out. They are going to only censor more and more as times continues. The ability to obtain truth is temporary. Thank you for coming.

Everything on this site is free to download, share, upload, save, and distribute as you wish.